Hall of Fame - Batting | Springvale South Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11236816115117153155029123*Stephen HennessySpringvale South2019/2020Turf 1 Reserves4 1St Mary's
211091541915117153154963110Ateeq JavidSpringvale South2019/2020Turf 12 1Heinz Southern Districts
310891541915117153330569108Ateeq JavidSpringvale South2019/2020Twenty203 1Fountain Gate
410088381315117153326570100*Prajay R ParameshSpringvale South2019/2020Under 17 - 14 1Narre South
5887454461511715332656288*Sam M WeteringSpringvale South2019/2020Under 17 - 12 1Beaconsfield
688684731511715315502988Dylan M QuirkSpringvale South2019/2020Turf 1 Reserves4 1St Mary's
7889154191511715333054588Ateeq JavidSpringvale South2019/2020Twenty201 1Berwick
8879154191511715315497787Ateeq JavidSpringvale South2019/2020Turf 15 1Buckley Ridges
9789218041511715332108178*Angus J CooperSpringvale South2019/2020Under 15 - 24 1Berwick
107712691431511715332108177*Lewis McGawSpringvale South2019/2020Under 15 - 24 1Berwick
1173910601511715315497373Nathan A KingSpringvale South2019/2020Turf 14 1St Mary's
1272699551511715315535472*Mark L KeatingeSpringvale South2019/2020Turf 41 1Buckley Ridges
13707031911511715332656270*Joshua CrozierSpringvale South2019/2020Under 17 - 12 1Beaconsfield
1465778951511715315836165Braden J KingSpringvale South2019/2020Turf 65 1Narre Warren
1559705771511715315536259Rory IngramSpringvale South2019/2020Turf 43 1Dingley
1658684891511715315503458*Mitchell HealeySpringvale South2019/2020Turf 1 Reserves5 1Buckley Ridges
17563878451511715315503456Bryce DingerSpringvale South2019/2020Turf 1 Reserves5 1Buckley Ridges
18533642761511715315497353Joshua J AllenSpringvale South2019/2020Turf 14 1St Mary's
19528838131511715332655752*Prajay R ParameshSpringvale South2019/2020Under 17 - 11 1Buckley Ridges
20507454461511715332655750*Sam M WeteringSpringvale South2019/2020Under 17 - 11 1Buckley Ridges
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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