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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubDDCA: Turf 1DDCA: Turf 4DDCA: A GradeDDCA: Under 16 - 2SECA: SECA Wed U18DDCA: Turf 1 ReservesDDCA: Turf 1DDCA: Turf 4DDCA: A GradeDDCA: Under 16 - 2SECA: SECA Wed U18DDCA: Turf 1 Reserves
Bakes, EthanSpringvale South Cricket Club001040001040
Batten, Lachlan SSpringvale South Cricket Club01100010110001
Brar, Gurmeet SSpringvale South Cricket Club009000009000
Breen, Daniel VSpringvale South Cricket Club006000006000
Buch, Akshat BSpringvale South Cricket Club15000001500000
Camilleri, JaydenSpringvale South Cricket Club01100020110002
Camilleri, JordanSpringvale South Cricket Club01500600150060
Chalmers, Christopher SSpringvale South Cricket Club090005090005
Cooper, Angus JSpringvale South Cricket Club1012146010121460
Cooper, Michael RSpringvale South Cricket Club01110600111060
Cox, Mitchell NSpringvale South Cricket Club400005400005
Devota, Sean GSpringvale South Cricket Club012000012000
Dinger, BryceSpringvale South Cricket Club30000133000013
Fernandes, HerschelleSpringvale South Cricket Club00010000001000
Ford, Brendan JSpringvale South Cricket Club007000007000
Ford, Timothy MSpringvale South Cricket Club13000021300002
Gilchrist, AdamSpringvale South Cricket Club001000001000
Gilchrist, Adrian ESpringvale South Cricket Club00140000014000
Goodey, Benjamin ASpringvale South Cricket Club060000060000
Green, Billy JSpringvale South Cricket Club00000160000016
Green, TravisSpringvale South Cricket Club010000010000
Hamilton, Liam ASpringvale South Cricket Club00000120000012
Heagney, LachlanSpringvale South Cricket Club01210000121000
Healey, BrettSpringvale South Cricket Club090003090003
Healey, Travis GSpringvale South Cricket Club018000018000
Hennessy, StephenSpringvale South Cricket Club40000124000012
Hesline, JordanSpringvale South Cricket Club000030000030
Hill, Paul ASpringvale South Cricket Club15000001500000
Ibrahim, TerrySpringvale South Cricket Club001000001000
Ingram, RorySpringvale South Cricket Club01200000120000
Jansz, BraedenSpringvale South Cricket Club00014000001400
Jothiravi, DenzellSpringvale South Cricket Club00130500013050
Jothiravi, RaviskanthanSpringvale South Cricket Club002000002000
Keatinge, Mark LSpringvale South Cricket Club01300000130000
Keatinge, MasonSpringvale South Cricket Club03314000331400
King, Braden JSpringvale South Cricket Club00000160000016
King, CooperSpringvale South Cricket Club00014000001400
King, Nathan ASpringvale South Cricket Club13000001300000
Knapper, DanielSpringvale South Cricket Club000040000040
Lewis, ClarenceSpringvale South Cricket Club00130000013000
Lewis, HadynSpringvale South Cricket Club00120600012060
Marcon, Jay BSpringvale South Cricket Club01100000110000
McComb, DeclanSpringvale South Cricket Club000060000060
McParland, LoganSpringvale South Cricket Club00114000011400
Moran, OliverSpringvale South Cricket Club000040000040
O'Neill, Joshua SSpringvale South Cricket Club000050000050
Oakley, Russell JSpringvale South Cricket Club001000001000
Patel, YugSpringvale South Cricket Club00014200001420
Perera, Anthony KSpringvale South Cricket Club02100110210011
Poll, AndrewSpringvale South Cricket Club000040000040